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Last week these beautiful holoprojectors showed up. They are run by BobC on the Astromech forum. I’m slowly learning that building a droid is an extreme act of patience. What I thought was a very long time, is actually a pretty fast turnaround time for these expertly crafted products.

Very excited to get these put into the dome. They came with their own control mounting hardware, but lately I’ve seen some solutions that allow the projectors to be twisted a full 360° and beyond, and pulled to one side or the other. Very handy if you have children that can’t keep their hands to themselves. I’ll do some more research to find out the best way to mount the servo motors.

These things are beautiful. I can’t get over the fine craftsmanship, tight tolerances, and sheer amount of work that Bob put into these parts. Next update should have a more shiny dome. I’ve decided to go with the chrome, highly polished look because I don’t want it to blend in with all the other droids at a meet up.

Bob C's fine holos

More Dome Progress

The dome is a complicated beast. I keep finding more information about how to finish it, and reconsider the final result I’m looking for. Over the holiday weekend I took some time to remove the panels from the inner dome with an air jigsaw (perfect tool for this job), polished the outer dome panels to my liking, and polished a new aluminum Radar Eye. I also fine-tuned my Artoo Blue paint recipe, waiting 10 minutes between each coat, 20 minutes between different paints. I’ll post some samples soon.

  • No Dykem. It fades over time, doesn’t provide a reliable bonding surface for additional coats
  • 1st Coat: Light Duplicolor Metallic Base
  • 2nd Coat: Medium Duplicolor Metallic Base
  • 3rd Coat: Light Duplicolor Metalcast Purple
  • 4th Coat: Light Duplicolor Metalcast Purple
  • 5th Coat: Medium Duplicolor Metalcast Purple
  • 6th Coat: Light Duplicolor Metalcast Blue
  • 7th Coat: Light Duplicolor Metalcast Blue
  • 8th Coat: Medium Duplicolor Metalcast Blue
  • 9th Coat: Medium Duplicolor Metalcast Blue
  • 10th Coat: Medium Rustoleum Crystal Clear Coat
  • 11th Coat: Medium Rustoleum Crystal Clear Coat

Radar Eye wet-sanded 600,1000,2000 then Mothers polish Air Jigsaw, great for removing panels

Dome Motor Drive

Today the Pittman drive motor showed up. It’s 24/12 VDC with a 19.7:1 gear ratio. It’s high torque, high speed, and going to do a great job spinning R2’s head around in circles. I’ll stash it away until I’m able to source a CS:R frame, which from the sound of it will be this fall.

eBay to the rescue!