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2020 Update


2020 has been a year, and we’re barely in June. I’m really looking forward to WWDC on the 22nd. I’ve spent a lot of quarantine time studying SwiftUI and Combine, and creating an every growing list of iOS app and game ideas.

Progress on the droid as slowed to a trickle, but certain events have provided more time on that. I’ve sold my previous chain drive motors and opted for a brushless hub electric motor setup. After purchasing a couple e-bikes for the family, I am really impressed with the silence and torque curve of these motors. The motor controllers are outrageously expensive, but provide precise signal mixing and the ability to move the droid at a near dead slow creep. This is really important to me because it will be around children frequently and I want it as safe as possible (it’s coming in at a whopping 120lb of aluminum already).

I’m finishing a small iOS app currently. Once that is submitted to Testflight with a few folks, I’ll get some feedback and then push to the App Store. The next project in the queue is a simple grid-like puzzle game with a very fun theme. Can’t wait.