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Sundance Offsite

Today was a welcome diversion to staring at screens. The Chatbooks Product Team took a trip to Sundance Resort as part of an offsite activity. It’s so nice to work with amazing people. It was a real treat to hang out, have fun, be creative outside of the daily routine.

Between jewelry and pottery, I chose the former. My wife loves tourquoise, and I’m a sucker for learning new things involving metal, hammers and fire.

We all decided to make rings. It was surprisingly straightforward. The general steps were:

  1. Pick your stone
  2. Measure and cut the side support material
  3. Measure and cut the base plate
  4. Weld the sides to the base plate
  5. Cut and file the rough edges off
  6. Measure and cut the ring portion
  7. Stamp any initials
  8. Weld the ring portion to the back of the base plate
  9. Place in the acid bath
  10. Place the stone in the ring cup created by the side material and base plate
  11. Shape the sides to enclose the stone (using a small hammer or the side of the table)
  12. Polish!

sundance-jewelry sundance-jewelry sundance-jewelry sundance-jewelry sundance-jewelry