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End of Year Update

Most updates for this project are happening on Instagram. It’s easy for me snap a few pics and post there, and at the same time, each post will be printed in my R2D2 Chatbook.

In summary, the dome is coming along. I have all the greeblies for inside except for the hinges and the magic panel. RLD and FLD’s are working, PSI housings are complete, need to finish building the LED boards for those. I’ve soldered up the boards for the HP’s, and 3D printed some base brackets that stand-off and mount the servos. Need to buy servos, oh and all the dome hinges.

Major breakthrough, after being on the waiting/standby list for Commando-8’s CS:R aluminum frame, the time has finally come. Out of the 3 batches of frames James is doing this year, enough people on the interest list backed out that it reached my spot #37 on the standby list. Frame is ordered and on the way. I opted for all the trinkets that go with it. Very excited to put this together.

I have the WORRParts all aluminum legs with cast booster covers and billet aluminum shoulders and spacers. Still need the greeblies that attach to the booster covers, booster covers to complete the legs.

I figure once the frame is assembled, attached to the dome, and the dome drive connected and spinning, it will be a whole new ballgame. Tired of just staring at the dome.

Next steps are to get the skins and mount them to the frame. Order the Octagon Ports, coin returns, coin slots, and side vents. Then on to order the hinges and assemble all the panels, servos, actuators, HP’s, PSI’s, and whatnot for the dome. It’s like a never ending list.

Then I’ll take a breath before diving into ankles, feet and drive motors. Still hoping for a finish date a little less that a year away. Gotta keep cranking.

Also, R.I.P. Carrie Fisher. She passed away today, and is surely missed by everyone.