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Dome Finishing part III

Just a small update. I’ve been waiting on some key parts to become available, namely the 3 Holoprojectors with mounts and control mechanisms. They should be here in the next 2 weeks. In the meantime I’ve been cleaning up the slag from both the inner and outer domes, using the awesome tool I mentioned earlier for deburring. Today I did some more paint tests. I sprayed some Dykem on my sample aluminum in various thicknesses, with different amounts of Metallic Blue and clear coat. I think I got the sequence down, but just to be safe, I’m going to order a nice hobby airbrush instead of using a auto body spray gun like I did on the sample. A light coat of Dykem, followed by 2 light coats of metallic blue, followed by 2 medium coats of clear coat.

I’ve removed all the panels from the outer dome and cleaned them with the deburring tool. Next will be to hit them with a polishing wheel and a dab of Mothers polish, then clean them with rubbing alcohol and prep for paint.

Here is a picture of the HP kit I’ll be receiving from Bob C on Astromech.net, and some plastic HP lenses I picked up from TP Plastics.

Holoprojectors Holo lenses