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May the force be with me

The last thing I needed was another expensive hobby. Motorcycling and film photography have all but drained me of any extra cash I should be saving for a rainy day. This weekend I’ve begun the multi-year journey of building a home-made Astromech. Unfamiliar? Maybe you recognize this little guy.

Artoo Detoo

Some of the other parts I’ve got my eye on for the near term are the aluminum dome, the radar eye, and the inner track/ring and rotation motor for the dome. Building an astromech is a long, arduous, and expensive process. Patience is a virtue, especially while on waiting lists for parts that only go into production a few times per year.

My wife and I don’t have any kids just yet, but by the time this droid is finished, we’ll probably have a mini rascal crawling around the house. They will love this thing. I’m so excited. The goal is to finish this project a month prior to the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode VIII in December of 2017.